Vanilla Kush


Vanilla Kush is a pure indica strain bred by Barney’s Farm for their infamous coffee shops across Amsterdam. This stellar strain took 2nd place for Overall Strain at the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup and quickly gained global recognition for its compelling high and robust flavours. As a cross between Hash Plant and Afghani as well as Kashmir landrace strains, Vanilla Kush boasts a lovely earthy palette that is defined by its notes of vanilla, citrus and cookies. This heavy-hitting indica has been tested at well over 20% THC levels, and its’ high is known to be more body-focused and relaxing than cerebral. This couch-locking strain will sedate and numb the body while providing a serene, blissful wave of relaxation that takes over from head to toe. Vanilla Kush is a great strain for pain relief, anxiety, depression, insomnia and inflammation as its indica qualities are both ideal medicinal and recreational characteristics.


The Strain

Vanilla Kush is a potent, heavy-hitting indica strain with exceptional healing properties. It was bred by Barney’s Farm specifically for their signature coffee shops spread across Amsterdam. It wasn’t until Vanilla Kush won 2nd Place for Overall Strain in 2009 at the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup. The name was derived from the aroma’s uncanny likeness to vanilla sugar cookies and since its’ inception, has rapidly risen to star status in the cannabis industry for its unique, pungent flavours and dynamic high. This strain was originally created as a cross between Hash Plant and two landrace strains, one Afghan and the other Kashmir. The resulting cross led to finding an earthy, palettable strain that is easily distinguished for its sweet, dough-like and intensely vanilla flavoured. As an indica strain, Vanilla Kush boasts rather high THC levels that average around 21%, although it has been found as high as 26% in some cuts and variants! The exceptionally relaxing high of this strain is very stereo-typically indica in nature and is most cherished for its soothing body high and relaxing medicinal qualities.


The average THC levels of Vanilla Kush run between 19-26%, which is evident in the pleasant and heavy-hitting high. Although the THC content of this strain may be considered too high for some, if used correctly, the effects of this potent can prove to be very effective in the treatment of certain ailments or problems. The indica effects are well-balanced, providing users with a warm sense of euphoria, giggles, and a social buzz when used in light moderation, making it ideal for dealing with depression, stress and social anxiety. When taken in larger doses, the indica effects of Vanilla Kush are tremendously prominent. If utter relaxation, and subtle sedation are what you seek, look no further. This strain is favoured by users who deal with seek therapeutic relief from pain, inflammation, insomnia, depression and stress.

Appearance & Aroma

Appearance wise, Vanilla Kush is quite impressive. The buds are very long and fluffy, producing a light frosted layer of THC that covers the entirety of the flowers. The most distinguishing feature and what makes this such a luxurious and exotic strain is the intense aroma emanating from the buds. It is characterized by surprising earthy tones of subtle vanilla and lavender. Main notes of tart lemons, floral lavender and the creamy vanilla blend to create an alluring fragrance and flavour. The flavour of Vanilla Kush is very mild, with earthy undertones and a slight citrus after-taste on the smooth exhale.


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