• First of all, you need to register and purchase crypto currency on any preferred platform. If you need some help or not sure which platform to choose, please refer to below instructions.
  • Add required items to cart and proceed to check out.
  • During the checkout, select preferred crypto currency that you wish to pay with.
  • On the payment page, you will see the address of our crypto wallet and order price in crypto.
  • Open your crypto platform and proceed to transfer (withdrawal) of your funds.
  • You can either manually copy our wallet address and amount of crypto and paste it into according fields in your crypto platform or scan the qr code if your platform supports such option.
  • Transfer the funds to us and wait for your order to be sent;)

We understand that it might look difficult for the first time users to purchase and pay with crypto. The process is rather time consuming (up to 10-15 minutes) at the first time, but once you register account it takes less than a few minutes to purchase and pay with crypto. Once you understand the process, sending crypto will be as simple as sending the bank transfer. We have chosen a Coinomi crypto service as an example to explain how to register account and purchase crypto.

Please see detailed guide below:

First of all, you need to install Coinomi wallet – it’s a secure and privacy-oriented wallet and you can install it either on PC: or your mobile phone from the App Store or Google Play. After you install it – open the app and it will offer you to create the wallet.

You need to select the crypto coin you would like to pay with and it will be added to your account. We recommend to start with Bitcoin and you can add additional coins afterwards.

During the next step you can purchase crypto currency. You can pay with your credit or debit card and crypto currency will be added straight to your wallet.

Alternatively, you could use this 3 minutes video which will show you how to set up your wallet properly:

How to buy crypto currency on Coinomi (Bitcoin example) :

How to send crypto currency from coinomi wallet (Bitcoin example):

Apart from Coinomi, there are quite many various crypto-wallets, services, platforms, exchanges. Crypto-wallets where you can purchase crypto currency:

WirexApp (iOS, Android)

BlueWallet (iOS, Android)

TrustWallet (iOS, Android)

Website explaining how and where to buy crypto

Another sources where to purchase crypto currency:– reliable website to purchase crypto from many exchangers using loads of payment methods – secure website to purchase Bitcoin – no id or verification needed. P2P service to purchase XMR

How To Pay With Google Play Gift card


Step 1:

Go to top below website and get an Google Play gift code.,,,,,

It’s pretty much easier and faster that’s why most of our customers always prefer paying with Google Play Card. Make sure to email us the gift card claim codes at [email protected]

We are going to proceed with your shipping as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Step 2:

You have to find any store that sell Google Play Gift Card. We have listed some stores below but there are other stores available. Make sure Buy a Google Play Gift Card from the store for the amount you have to pay for your order.

Once you get the Google Play gift code, you scratched the code of a google play gift card codes redeem claim codes. A gift card claim code is 16 or 20 characters long and will usually contain both letters and numbers (for example E704 R83C X9LW F96K).

If you have a Google Play Physical plastic gift card, you may need to gently scratch or peel off the protective coating on the back of the card to reveal the claim code. Take a picture of both the card and the receipt and email it to us.

You can send through our email address which is: [email protected]