Master Kush (Indica)


Master Kush or MK is a classic and globally recognized Indica strain with origins from Amsterdam. First grown by the Dutch White Label Seed Company, Master Kush quickly rose in popularity and found its way in almost every coffee shop in the Red Light District. Master Kush was created as a cross between two different powerful and distinct landrace strains heiling from the Hindu Kush region. The relaxing, full-body high of MK is highly revered for its long-lasting effects and serene, calming sensations. The distinct aroma of Master Kush is very earthy and meets the typical ‘kush’ lineage characteristics. The earthy tones and citrus notes are heightened by undertones of incense which are described as a ‘vintage flavour’ that is reminiscent of Charas hash. This potent indica strain is beloved by many, and is very-well decorated, winning awards such as 1st Place at the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup in two consecutive years.


The Strain

Master Kush also known as MK, is a classic indica strain that first came from southern Amsterdam, before become the global powerhouse of a strain that it is today. Formerly known by the name High Rise, this indica was originally bred and created by the Dutch White Label Seed Company and quickly became one of the most popular cannabis strains within coffee shops in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Now, this influential kush strain is one of the most popular and well-recognized strains across the globe, especially on the West Coast of North America, where it has become a staple strain amongst most reputable dispensaries. Although the origins of MK are not exactly known, it is generally agreed upon that White Label Seed Company cross-bred together two unique and potent landrace strains from the Hindu Kush region of Central-South Asia to form this mega-monster. The resulting cross forged a new strain with unbelievably impressive and practical medicinal uses, including a heavily relaxing and sedating body high. It is clear that this strain contains real Kush genetics from its distinct aroma and flavours. The earthy base notes of Master Kush blend well with a tart citrus essence that is very similar to OG Kush. What makes the flavours of MK extraordinary are the undertones of an unmistakable incense, which are very reminiscent of a Hash Plant strain or Charas hash. Master Kush is a highly decorated strain that has won a plethora of awards including two consecutive 1st Place awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1993 and 1994.


The exemplary high of Master Kush is known for its relaxing qualities that are great for unwinding after a long and stressful day of work or physical exhaustion. On average, the THC levels for this heavy-hitting indica range from 19-22% – with such high cannabinoid concentrations, there should be no surprise as to how fast-acting and therapeutic MK truly is. The effects and feelings correlated to Master Kush are commonplace amongst indica phenotypes, yet extraordinary enough to set itself apart from other indica strains or those from the ‘Kush’ lineage of strains. The characteristic high of Master Kush is described as being more full-bodied and physically relaxing with just enough uplifting psychoactive qualities to compliment its’ sedating effects. Just like most indica phenotypes, this is a strain that is best saved for the evening, or days off where relaxation and a little loosening up are required. Upon smoking, users will notice the mellow, uplifting energy of Master Kush which is perfect for alleviating stress after a long day of work. After the initial burst of euphoria, the high transitions into a heavily sedating and relaxing body-stone that’ll glue you to the couch for hours.

Appearance & Aroma

Master Kush is one of the very prominent members of the ‘Kush’ family that has formed a reputation of its’ own not only for its’ intense high but also for its impeccable physical characteristics. This indica produces nice, even buds that usually range from small to medium in size. The round nugs are recognizable by their fluorescent lime green and deep purple hues. Master Kush is a high THC indica strain that generates a heavily concentrated amount of resinous trichome stalks and heads. MK shares many characteristics with its OG Kush lineage, such as its earthy base notes and subtle citrus tones. What makes Master Kush most special or unique are unforgettable notes of a sweet incense. Many connoisseurs consider this trait to be a ‘vintage flavour’ that is reminiscent of classic strains and the legendary Indian Charas hash

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